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Q:        What is required for someone to obtain a Marriage License?

A:        Applicant must be of 18 years of age or older, and free to marry.  Proof of age is required, and may be accepted in the form of a birth certificate, driver’s license and\or passport.

Q:        Where can someone obtain a Marriage License?

A:        Various jewelers, florists, wedding supply shops and printers throughout the province of Manitoba issue marriage licenses.  Vital Statistics agency in Winnipeg, 254 Portage Avenue will issue Marriage Licenses as well. 
Winnipeg License Issuers

Q:        Is there a waiting period of when someone can get married from the time the Marriage License is issued?

A:        There is a waiting period of 24 hours from the time the license is issued to the time the marriage is performed.

Q:        Are Witnesses required for a Marriage to take place?

A:        Yes, two witnesses are required to be present at the marriage ceremony.  The witnesses do not have to be of legal age but they must be able to understand what they are witnessing.


Q:        Where can a Marriage Commissioner marry someone?

A:        A Marriage Commissioner can marry someone anywhere in Manitoba as long as there is a Legal Land Description and or address, such an example would be at the family lake, Jessica Lake, Block 4, Lot 2.

Q:        Does the couple have to reside/live in Manitoba in order to be married in Manitoba?

A:        Couples are not required to be residents of Manitoba, but the Marriage Commissioner must be licensed and a resident of Manitoba in order to perform the ceremony.


Q:        Once married, where and how does someone obtain a Marriage Certificate.

A:        At the time of the Marriage License being issued the couple is given an application for a Marriage Certificate and a pre-paid envelope, the fee is $30.00 for the certificate and usually takes 4-6 weeks to be generated by the province.